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Completed Houses 

House #9 


Dedicated on Sunday, September 4, 2016.  This house will be occupied by a family of  six.  The new owners said "Thank you for all you did to make it possible for my family to build a home of stability, a sense of accomplishment and pride."

House #8


This house was also dedicated on September 4, 2016.  The new owners, a mother and son, expressed their gratitude "I thank God and everyone who is here."

House # 7


Completed in August 2015.  This 3-bedroom ranch cost HFHM $86,000 to build and was built almost entirely with volunteer help.  The recipient family provided over 400 hours of volunteer work on the house.  The owner expressed her appreciation to Habitat for " my family this wonderful home.  This blessing will be a foundation for my family to grow and live."

House #6


Completed in March 2014.

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