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Families in need of decent shelter can get an application at the local Habitat office at the Cryer Center at 7485 General Puller Highway. Applicants should call or fill out the Contact Us form prior to picking up an application.


HFHM's family selection committee chooses homeowners based on their ability to repay the no-interest loan, level of need, and their willingness to become partners in the program. HFHM follows a nondiscriminatory policy of family selection.

Partner Families must meet several qualifications including:

1. Be a resident of Middlesex county for a minimum of one year.

2. Be a U.S. citizen.

3. Be currently living in inadequate shelter defined as an unsafe structure, lack of water or heat, overcrowding, and similar circumstances.

4. Be ineligible for home mortgage financing through other financial institutions in the amount needed for a Habitat house (building costs).

5. Have the ability to pay closing costs and make mortgage payments over a number of years.

6. Show a willingness to partner with Middlesex Habitat by committing to at least 300 hours of sweat equity for each family member, aged 18 or older, who will live in the house.

7. Attend training in areas such as, home ownership, budgeting, legal issues and energy efficiency.

8. Demonstrate financial responsibility through credit references.

9. Provide references from creditors, employers, etc.

10. Show proof that the family income meets the criteria.

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